Isabelle Lenfant

A Brussels native, she graduated from La Cambre Modes in 1995 with great distinction and was destined to distinguish herself. Isabelle Lenfant, whose vocation was to dress the soul through the body, began her career as a textile designer. She worked for various "designer" houses and for more commercial French brands. ...] (One day), an artist's ring was stolen from her mother. Isabelle wanted to replace the missing jewel. She met a jeweller who, faced with the precision of her request, advised her to make it herself. The reconstruction, already. By osmosis, the pieces fall into place.

In the early 2000s, she designed a plaster ring, an emblematic piece of her new career. Daughter of a doctor, she comforts with her own language, that of precious metals. Passionate about craftsmanship and resourceful since her childhood, she often wears plasters on her fingertips and loves to decorate them. Isabelle Lenfant first designed this model in silver, a material that evolves according to the skin of the person wearing it. The accessory, a means of expression, expresses itself by reacting to the individual.

The creator invents talisman jewels, which heal or protect. [...] As a creator of jewelry in massive poetry, she links our desires for beauty to everyday utilitarian objects.


Necklace Secret Bite II

375 €

Ecchymosis Bracelet

490 €

Ring The Day After Tomorrow II

215 €

Ring The day after tomorrow I

265 €