About us

16 years ago, LELLAL.com became Belgium's first jewelry e-shop.

17 years ago, LELLAL.com became Belgium's first jewelry e-shop. More than just an online sales site, LELLAL established itself from the outset as a virtual concept store dedicated to Belgian jewelry, leather goods and jewelry artisans and designers. At the time, concept stores had not yet crystallized in the shopping streets or on the web, and made in Belgium had not yet (re)found its pedigree. So there was no shortage of challenges, and we're proud to be able to say more than a decade later that the alchemy worked.

The alchemy worked between the creators and LELLAL, and between LELLAL and you. You who cherish talismans, you who dress in gold and silver, you who insist on wearing jewels rich in history and true know-how. Year after year, our virtual jewellery box has been constantly enriched with silver, gilt and gold creations, crafted by some of the most talented Belgian craftsmen. The collections are permanent and have the timelessness of the things we love eternal, while at the same time being in the spirit of the times. Reinvented rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are regularly added to the range, according to the desires of some and the inspirations of others.

Invaluable Clients

We have at heart to answer all your precious desires, whatever they may be.
Whether it is for a sizeable advice or a tailor-made creation, contact us.
We will answer you within 24 hours.

Noble metals

The creations sold on LELLAL are
either in 925 silver, vermeil (925 silver plated with fine gold) or gold (9ct, 14ct or 18ct)
and are therefore 100% hypoallergenic.

Natural stones

We only select jewellery set with natural stones. The faceted stones, cabochons, rolled and pendants that colour our catologue come directly from nature and not from synthetic laboratories.

Gemological certification

LELLAL has in its team a gemmologist certified by the Belgian Institute of Gemmology and the FEEG (Federation of European Eduction in Gemmology).


The genesis of each piece of jewellery or jewelry sold on LELLAL is traceable and traced. The origin of the metals and stones is known, and the manufacturing processes take place between Belgium, France, Portugal and Italy in workshops where the goldsmiths keep only their secret art.

Small series

The LELLAL catalogue includes only jewellery created in limited series, on request, or unique pieces made to measure.